The Project: The design needed to relocate the kitchen and dining spaces in a way that would accommodate an open concept, as well as, incorporate a connection to the backyard. This concept removes the physical barriers of the existing conditions that compartmentalized the main living spaces and congested circulation. The new design also simplifies access to the backyard and gives them a place to enjoy it.

The Concept: The kitchen is so much more than solely a place to prepare food. Its a celebrated space filled with family and friends, conversation, and laughter which often makes it the main communal space in the entire house. A well designed open concept plays off a theme of connectedness by incorporating several spaces, each with different functions, into one continuous flowing layout with minimal obstruction. By connecting the kitchen to other well used spaces, we then create a plan where each room has the ability to share the other's vitality, and in turn, builds a harmonious living space and maintains a connected family environment. In this case, it is merely the furniture in the room that define the soft boundaries between them.

Kitchen Bump-Out sussex, wi

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